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Wabash 1138

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Wabash 1128

Wabash Boxcars 1138 & 1128

Originally double-sheathed wood cars, built to the World War I standard designs of the United States Railway Administration, these cars were delivered to the Wabash Railroad as series 23000-24000; consisting of two groups of similar cars built in 1922 and 1923. These cars were rebuilt during World War II by the Wabash at its Decatur shops in Illinois to meet the wartime demands and re-numbered into the 82000-82512 series.  The Ann Arbor purchased 50 of these cars in 1954, renumbered to the 1100 series, and used them in regular service until the delivery of their first order of PS-1 boxcars in 1957. After the delivery of the PS-1’s, some of these cars survived in maintenance-of-way service through the Ann Arbor Railroad bankruptcy. 1138 was donated to the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation by the State of Michigan in 1983 as part of the dissolution of assets and has been restored to its 1940’s Wabash number and paint scheme. 1128 remained in company-service use until it was donated by the Great Lakes Central Railroad in 2007. Both cars retain their Ann Arbor 1954-renumbers on the interior of the upper door frame.