Pennsylvania Railroad Coach 147

This coach has an interesting history. Built in 1950 by the Budd Company as a 21-roomette sleeping car, the “Norristown Inn” served the Pennsylvania Railroad, named after one of the colonial-era taverns. With the shrinkage of Pullman service, this order of stainless-steel sleeping cars was returned to the Budd Company for conversion to commuter coaches in the 1960’s and were commonly used between New York and Washington in Clocker service.

12 cars were purchased using Urban Mass Transit Administration funds by the Southeast Michigan Transportation Authority (SEMTA) in the 1970’s where this car was renumbered 107 “Troy.” At the end of Detroit’s commuter service in 1984, the cars were transferred to the New York MTA and ultimately Maryland’s MARC (Maryland Rail Commuter) Train Service. They were completely rebuilt by MARC in the early 1990’s, and later donated to several museums upon retirement.

MARC 147 was given to the B&O Railroad Museum in 2001, which generously made the car available for purchase by the Steam Railroading Institute after a long-term lease in 2017.