Grand Trunk Western Track Foreman’s Bunk Car 584388

This single-sheathed wood-sided boxcar was constructed as an automobile car for transporting assembled 1920’s autos. Originally numbered 58332, this is a unique style of boxcar common to Michigan railroads when finished autos were hauled.  Most auto-boxcars had double side doors; through which cars were laboriously moved and jacked into position, elevated over each other. This car originally had end doors through which cars could be driven. After use of this inefficient method was abandoned, auto-boxcars were used in general freight service.

Several of these cars were rebuilt by the Grand Trunk Western Railroad’s Port Huron car shops in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s for maintenance-of-way service.  This car was stationed at Pontiac, Michigan for several years, and saved by the Bluewater Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society before being sold to the Steam Railroading Institute in 2007. In July of 2008, SRI received a National Railway Historical Society Grant to re-do the wood exterior of this car.  The car’s entire wood interior and exterior were replaced by Andrew Munerance and many other volunteers as part of his Eagle Scout project.  The car is now back in its intended use as a foreman’s office.