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Detroit and Mackinac X-127

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Detroit and Mackinac X-128

Detroit and Mackinac Tank Cars X-127 & X-128

Not much is known of these cars prior to their purchase by the Detroit & Mackinac Railway in the mid-1960’s. Markings on the cars and trucks seem to indicate their construction sometime just prior to World War II for either GATX or other car fleets.  D&M used these as fuel-oil storage at a facility in Bay City, Michigan for many years. They were donated to the Steam Railroading Institute by RailAmerica in 2007, and now operates as part of our photo charter freight train and as eventual auxiliary water cars for our steam locomotives.  One car has been restored to represent a Pure Oil tank car, and the other to a Dow Chemical scheme, thanks to a grant from the Gerstacker Foundation.