Chesapeake and Ohio Baggage/Combination Coach 462

Built in 1934 by the Pressed Steel Car Company for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, this car was used in branch-line service but sold shortly thereafter to the Chicago Great Western Railway. The CGW modernized the car with engine-powered air-conditioning and reclining seats until the railroad’s successor, the Chicago & North Western Railroad, converted it to a camp car for track crews.  The car was sold by the Illinois Railway Museum to Steam Railroading Institute member Gary Knudsen, who donated it to SRI.

462 was one of the very last “heavyweight” (80 tons) passenger cars to be built, of the type that was standard between 1914 and 1934.  It has a non-structural riveted steel car body on a steel girder frame.  All other passenger cars at SRI are “lightweight” (70 tons) streamlined cars with load-bearing car bodies.

It’s currently used as the concession and merchandise car for the Steam Railroading Institute’s excursions.