Canadian National Coaches

All 5 cars were part of 2 orders in 1952 and 1953 for 218 80-seat coaches for modernization of the Canadian National Railway’s passenger service.  They were built to designs of the Pullman Standard Car and Manufacturing Company and delivered from the Canadian Car Foundry in early 1954. The cars were used on the Canadian National’s premier trains of the 1950’s. They were delivered in the distinguished green-and-black “maple leaf” paint scheme and later changed to the grey-and-black scheme in CN’s 1966 image makeover. The cars operated across Canada, and presumably operated through Michigan on the International, Maple Leaf, and other through passenger trains between Toronto and Chicago. 

Cars 5576, 5581, 5646, and 5447 were converted to 76-seat coaches in the 1960’s with the addition of end luggage racks and later redecorated by VIA sometime after 1977. 

Car 762 was originally coach 5567 and was converted to coach-café car 3025 in 1965. In 1969, it was converted to a café-lounge configuration with a redesign of the interior. This included the addition of 22 lounge seats, 20 dining-room seats and 5 counter seats, removal of the vestibule and renumbering to 762.  This car is currently stored pending floor and car body repair and design of a new interior.

In February of 2005, the Steam Railroading Institute purchased cars 5576, 5581, 5646 and 762 from the Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company, which previously modernized them with Head End Power (HEP), new heating and air-conditioning. Car 5447 was retained by the Great Lakes Central Railroad until 2019 when it was purchased by SRI.