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Sister 463 as delivered, 1958 | Steam Railroading Institute Library

Northern Pacific Diner 462

This diner was built in 1958 by the Budd Company with a smooth-sided body, stark contrast to the stainless-steel design of the manufacturer’s fame, as part of an order of 6 identical diners for use on the North Coast Limited: between Chicago and Seattle. Originally built to the number of 462 with a seating capacity of 48, at some point it was reduced to 40. The diner was briefly renumbered to 1296 when the Burlington Northern Railroad took over the Northern Pacific in 1970. 1296 was sold to Amtrak in 1971 when Amtrak took over the nation's passenger service and renumbered the car to 8048.

In 1980, Amtrak remodeled the diner while also renumbering it to 8506. 6 years later in 1986, the diner was reconfigured to a griddle-diner. Bringing the seating capacity back up to the original 48 and renumbered it to 8550 which it would be retired as in 2019 with a final tally of 6,801,750 miles!

Acquired in 2019 by the Steam Railroading Institute, 8550 returned to service in late 2021 as 462 once again.