2021 Schedule

Waiting to safely steam up again.

Age Restriction

18 months and under may sit on a parent's lap without purchasing a ticket.


Board the train 1 hour prior to departure.

Buy Tickets

Website: www.MichiganSteamTrain.com

Phone: (989)-399-7589

On destination trips, such as the Color Tours, there is no depot. There is a mobile box office in front of the train.

TIPS FOR CUSTOMER: Print out your receipt and place the Welcome Center phone number on it (989)-725-9464. This number is invaluable if you run into any trouble on your way to Owosso.


No discounts are offered.

Entire coaches can be reserved by large groups.


Drinks and snacks are for sale on the train Gift Shop.                                    

Food Allergies:  Unfortunately, we do not have an alternative food selection for those with food allergies.  We do allow passengers to bring their own food. However, they CANNOT bring a large cooler.  Our storage space is limited.

Gluten Free:  We do not have a gluten free option. You are welcome to bring something to substitute.

No Coolers:  For security reasons and space constraints we must ask that no coolers be brought on the train.

Alcohol:  *ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE BROUGHT ON THE TRAIN, IF YOU DO, IT WILL BE CONFISCATED* Some of our trips will have a bar available during the trip, but during the North Pole Express trips we will not be serving alcohol.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are only able to be processed through the machines at the Welcome Center.

You can purchase your tickets with a Gift Card but you will have to call us directly to do so.  Please call Terry Bush at (989)-720-3954.


Limited seats are available for handicap seating, but the passenger must be able to board the coach unassisted by SRI personnel.

The cars are NOT wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs can be brought onto the train as long as they are collapsible.                                            

There are NO wheelchairs for rent.

We can store the wheelchair at the depot. There is no room to store a wheelchair on the train if it is not collapsible; however, the person in the wheelchair needs to be able to walk up a few steps to board the car. All of our equipment is historical and does not have ramps or lifts.

The North Pole Express: Riders with walking issues can be dropped in front of the Welcome Center. They should make contact with the gate keeper for assistance into the building. We have transportation available to move our guests from the Welcome Center to their assigned car.


Please see the Shiawassee County Lodging and Camping page by the Shiawassee County Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Location Departures

Alma: 207 Prospect Ave. Alma, MI 48801

Boyne Falls: Mill and Railroad St. Boyne Falls, MI 49713

Cadillac: 225 N Lake St. Cadillac, MI 49601

Fife Lake: 203 E State St. Fife Lake, MI 49633

Hamburg: Merrill Rd. Crossing/Manly West Bennett Park, Hamburg, MI 48169

Howell Depot: 128 Wetmore St. Howell, MI. 48843

Kalkaska Museum (Depot): 354 S Cedar St. Kalkaska, MI 49646

Mount Pleasant (Mountain Town Station): 506 W Broadway St. Mount Pleasant, 48858

Petoskey: 923 Baxter St. Petoskey, MI 49770

Steam Railroading Institute: 405 S Washington St. Owosso, MI 48867

Lost and Found

Contact the Welcome Center to ask about lost and found: (989)-725-9464.


Free parking is available in the lot between the NCG Movie Theater and JC Penney’s directly across the river from us. We ask visitors to be considerate of designated business/residential lots around Downtown Owosso and keep them clear for their customers/residents.

Handicap parking is conveniently located on the north side of our building.

Paid Parking: Directly across the road from us is a parking lot that is available to you if you choose to pay the owner a fee. We are not associated with the owner of the parking lot and do not receive any of the fees collected from our passengers who decide to park there.


Credit Cards:   Visa/Mastercard/Discover   We do not accept American Express.

Pets/Service Animals

Service Animals are allowed on the train ONLY if they can sit in the rider’s lap. Customers will need to purchase an additional ticket for large animals as there is simply no room for the animal to sit on the floor.

No pets allowed unless they are service animals (Service animals require special considerations as well, on a case by case basis).

Refund Protection

Refund Protection Insurance (RPI) gives you a full refund for your purchased ticket price minus the RPI fees if you were to cancel your trip 72 hours prior to your schedule travel time.  Without “Refund Protection” tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. The fee is a flat fee of $30.00 which covers all tickets on this order.

If a customer who purchased RPI requests a refund on an order that is more than 90 days old, the processor may not allow credits to the card. In that case, manual refunds will need to issued.           

The refund can be for individual tickets on the order or for the entire order, however the refund protection fees are not waived and cannot be refunded.

Duplicate Orders - Refunds approved for the duplicate order as long as the request is made within one week from date of purchase and the event has not yet passed. Otherwise, no refunds.


There are bathrooms located within the Welcome Center of the Steam Railroading Institute. During the North Pole Express, we have additional heated Restrooms at the west side of the building.

There are 8 bathrooms on the train. Those are located in the Coach Deluxe/Vintage car section of the train.

We have no guarantees that the Coach/Bi-Level cars will have bathrooms. That means that the passengers on these cars will need to walk through the train to get to the bathroom. 

There are NO traditional bathrooms in the cabooses and unfortunately those who are riding will not be able to leave the cabooses once the train is moving. These cars are vintage and have an old fashioned (out-house style) bathroom. (The A909 caboose has nothing.) We only use those bathrooms in case of an emergency.


Seating layout is very similar to airline and/or bus like seating. One center aisle with two seats to each side. All seats on All cars are padded.

Bi-Level Car: Bi-Level seats are similar to those on a city bus. The lower level seats are side by side.  Seats on the top row (second floor) are tandem style, or single-row. There are seven steps up to the second floor and then another step to the seat.

Vintage Car:  Vintage cars hold up to 70 people. Our Vintage Cars are historic 1940's and 50's built passenger cars with a single direction/type center aisle with two seats to each side.  Seats are grouped in fours with two seats facing opposite of two seats. Some of our cars do have a small table in between the grouping.  There are stairs to climb to board the train. We do not have loading platforms, we load from the ground and people have to be able to walk up about four to five stairs.

Caboose:  There is seating for 12 People total, this includes children who would not need a ticket. There are no exceptions to this. There is a conductor on each caboose and beverages and snacks are complimentary.   

Customers can walk between cars with the exception of the caboose. Riders may not leave the caboose until the train is at a complete stop.


We will have shuttles available during some of our excursions. Passengers will receive an email communication with all pertinent information the week prior to their trip.

Sold Out

If an excursion says sold out online, we can NOT sell any more tickets. If someone refunds their ticket (with Refund Protection Insurance) their tickets will automatically open up on-line. Always be watching.

We DO NOT have a waiting list.

Please check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page where guests, who did not purchase Refund Protection Insurance, will often sell their tickets privately. We do not intervene in these transactions, be aware of scams. If you feel like you are experiencing a scam please call us right away by contacting our Customer Relations Manager, Sara Adams at (989)-720-3957.

Souvenir Tickets

We do not sell the souvenir tickets in the gift shop. The only way you can get a ticket is by purchasing a ride on the train.

Upon your arrival at SRI you will pick up your tickets at our will call desk, located in our Welcome Center. These tickets are designed to be souvenirs, a memento of your trip.

Steam Locomotive

Running of the steam locomotive is not a guarantee that we can make. All of our trips come with the disclaimer that we reserve the right to switch out motive power. We will do everything possible to run the Pere Marquette 1225, but a locomotive built in 1941 can be unpredictable. Even with a brand-new car, you can't guarantee that something won't break and have to be fixed. We also can't control if the track buckles or breaks and the train derails. There are just too many potential issues that could happen for us to responsibly make a guarantee.


We are requiring strollers be 25lbs or less and fold up. We need strollers to be lightweight and be able to be easily lifted onto the train. Storage space for strollers during the train ride is very limited. Strollers that are too large and or heavy will be denied access to the train. Double and triple strollers are highly discouraged.


All of our cars are heated and cooled accordingly.

Travel Times

All times are approximate. Because track conditions can change (always do!) a normal trip can fluctuate depending on the speed we have to travel. For example, something as simple as leaves + a slight incline can make the wheels slick & may take longer.

Village of Ashley Country Christmas


Trains run regardless of the weather, passengers should plan accordingly. Unless there is a State of Emergency declared by local or state government forbidding us from operating, we will run your trip. We will do our best to contact you in the case of an emergency. If your trip is unable to run due to an emergency, your tickets will be fully refunded or traded for the next years trip based on your preference.

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