Pere Marquette Boxcar 72332

Built as part of a 100 car-order by the Ralston Steel Car Company, these boxcars were constructed between August and December of 1946 and were nearly identical to the ones constructed by Greenville Car Company in 1940.  These were the last new cars to be ordered by the Pere Marquette Railway before their merger with the Chesapeake and Ohio in June of 1947. 50-foot, double-door boxcars carried the two products most associated with the Pere Marquette; finished automobiles from Detroit and Flint, auto parts in special racks, and furniture from Grand Rapids. Shipment of automobiles in boxcars came to an end just after these cars were delivered and they were used in regular service through the 1970’s.  This car was found by Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation members being used for storage in Wayne, Michigan and was donated by the Chessie System in 1981. It currently serves as storage and as part of a recreation of a 1940’s-era freight train for photo charters.