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Diesel Excursions

Throughout the year, the Steam Railroading Institute offers special excursions that use Diesel powered locomotives. This reduces the cost of the excursion making an all-day excursion more economical.
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Steam Excursions

The Steam Railroading Institute is best known for All-Day Steam powered excursion all over Michigan. Excursions are offered throughout the year. The North Pole Express is a favorite of many.

North Pole Express

We look forward to seeing you again for more fun and festivities in 2014!

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Steam Excursions

The Steam Railroading Institute is best known for their all-day steam excursions. Every year trips are scheduled and carry thousands of passenger around Michigan behind one of the largest operating steam locomotives in the United States. What are you waiting for? Hop aboard for a trip back in time when life was a little simpler!

Diesel Excursions

Throughout the year diesel locomotive powered excursions are being offered. Take a look at our schedule to book the trip that is right for you.

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Q: Do I receive tickets in the mail?

A: No. The email confirmation you receive at the time you purchase your tickets serves as your reservation until the day of your trip. Upon your arrival at SRI (we ask that you arrive an hour before your trip) you will pick up your tickets at our will call desk, located in our Visitor’s Center. These tickets are designed to be souvenirs, a memento of your trip.

Q: Will the Pere Marquette 1225 be pulling trains for the event?

A: Yes. The PM 1225 “The Real Polar Express” will be pulling all North Pole Express trains.

Q: What is the “Caboose” option?

A: The “Caboose” option allows up to 12 people to ride the North Pole Express in their own private caboose. The Steam Railroading Institute’s restored Ann Arbor cabooses are available for the flat rate of $1,500 per party. The caboose will have its own Conductor and is heated by the original coal stove and light from the period oil lamps. Guests may sit in the cupola (the upper section of the caboose) for a unique view of the train and passing scenery. Caboose guests will have hot chocolate (heated on the coal stove). You must call to reserve a caboose! (989) 725-9464

Q: My husband is sick. Can we get a refund or reschedule?

A: No. We’re sorry. Due to the nature of the event and the large volume of orders we can not offer refunds or make considerations. We understand the emergencies arise in the most untimely manner but the show must go on. We would suggest checking with other friends, colleagues or family members to see if they could use your tickets. Rescheduling is available on a limited basis and requires a $15 service charge. Please contact us for availability and know that North Pole Express has been sold out for the past three seasons which can make rescheduling impossible.

Q: When should I arrive at the Steam Railroading Institute?

A: The Steam Railroading Institute is open to North Pole Express passengers approximately one hour prior to their scheduled departure. Steam Railroading Institute is closed to the general public from November 21 to allow the staff and volunteers time to prepare for the thousands of annual North Pole Express visitors. Riders will be required to present their online ticketing confirmation or Steam Railroading Institute receipt of confirmation.

Q: We received eight inches of snow are the trains still running?

A: Yes, the trains will still be running and the eight inches of snow should enhance your trip to the North Pole. Please remember that tickets are non-refundable to plan your trip accordingly.

Q: Where do we park once we arrive?

A: Free parking is available in various city lots throughout Downtown Owosso. We ask visitors to be considerate of designated business lots and keep them clear for their customers. Handicap parking is conveniently located on the north side of our building.

Q: Is there lodging available in the area?

A: Please see the Shiawassee County Lodging and Camping page by the Shiawassee County Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Q: Can I add my name to the mailing list for Steam Railroading Institute events?

A: It would be our pleasure. Simply visit our home page, where you will find an opportunity in the lower right corner to submit your email address. Or by calling or e-mailing us at with your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. Guests on this year’s North Pole Express trains will automatically be added to that mailing list.

Q: What are the seating arrangements and how are seat assignments handled for NPE?

A: Our seating arrangements are very similar to airline and/or bus like seating. Our coaches are historic 1940’s and 50’s built passenger cars with a single center aisle with two seats to each side (Please see interior photo). In total, there are over 75 seats to a car, and over 350 seats to a train. Seating assignments are completed the day of check-in, and we will do the best we can to accommodate parties at that time, but we cannot guarantee large groups can sit together without prior notice. The Steam Railroading Institute staff and volunteers try to the best of our ability to accommodate special requests but may not always be able to do so.

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